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Affiliates: Do you want to get paid to recommend the Sales Mastery Membership?

Do your followers find sales awkward or want to perfect their sales offers and increase their business revenue? If so, we’d love to pay you to send people our way. 

Help us grow Sales Mastery Membership and get paid for each active member you refer (you get paid month after month as long as they remain active!)

only 2 members & your membership is FREE!

Please ONLY apply if you meet these criteria:

  1. You have an established business with an audience of people who would love this membership. This means you have your own website, a mailing list, and you’re making money. If you are not there yet, wait to apply until you have these things in place. (If your website is under construction or you only have a FB group, please wait to apply.
  2. You know what affiliate marketing is and you’ve had some success in it already – made over $500 in affiliate commissions at least. AND want to make some serious passive income!
  3. You run your business with integrity first, always. AND want to be part of growing a thriving dynamic community
  4. You already are and will remain an active Sales Mastery Member. (Become a MEMBER now)
Sales Mastery Membership
Affiliate Program Application

Your username will show in your affiliate link.

Please choose wisely.

By clicking the "Click Here to Join" button below, you have read, understood and agree to the Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions of Service of the Sales Mastery Membership affiliate program. You agree that all information you have provided in the form above is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. You understand that if you are at any time discovered to have provided false or misleading information on this form, your participation in the Sales Mastery Membership Affiliate Program will be immediately terminated and all commissions earned will be forfeited. There are no exceptions.

Not An Affiliate Yet? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Be!

 1. Results, Value, and Integrity. Always.

You may already know us and love us, but if not, check out who we are and what we do.
We help entrepreneurs and coaches to connect with peers,  reach more prospects, and make more money. Period.

If you reach entrepreneurs who need sales tips and training on a regular basis you are in the right spot. We aren’t just the best, we deliver top-notch sales training on a consistent basis that works!

2. We take affiliate tracking seriously. Start making money with 1 referral. Get 2 & your membership is paid for! (3+you are making passive income every month)

We use Keap and we have our program set for $15 USD commission on each initial membership fee and ongoing monthly fees from your referred active members. We have NO end date set. We also have Keap set to look at the referring affiliate for all purchases, but if the person is on a new computer and/or buying with a new email address, it will look at IP address when no cookie or referral information is found. We want YOU to get paid for all of your referrals.

3. You Get Paid Monthly.  We want you to make money and happily refer us members

We pay on time, every time to our loyal affiliates. If you’re new, there may be a temporary hold on your first payment until we can verify that sales are legit. (The only exception is the “stinker clause”. If there is anything suspicious we may hold your payment for up to 75 days. This is extremely rare and has only been done in extreme cases.)

4. We will help to keep your referrals active in the membership.

The people who you send to the Sales Mastery Membership  will be part of this dynamic group and will want to remain active. So your referral REMAINS your referral (and you collect $15/ month on each referral) as long as they remain active.

5. We are happy to help you to promote.

Some affiliates like to do big pushes via email and webinars. Others like to integrate us into their entire business so they’re making sales years from now.

We want to help with both types of affiliates. However YOU choose to promote, we’ll try our best to meet you there.

  • Feel free to steal our mailings to promote this membership.
  • Social Media and Guest Blog Posts. Just send us 3-5 questions and we’ll answer them in a blog post that you can use to promote.
  • Interviews or Webinars. If you want to do a call with Diane, we can schedule that. (some restrictions apply)  If we’ve worked together in the past, just ask and we’ll try to make it happen.
  • We can get you some social media assets to use for posting as well.  Let us know and we’ll share what we have to promote Sales Mastery Membership